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My new short erotic story, Secrets, Lies, and Dirty Games, is officially out now! And yes, it is even sexier than what you are dreaming of.

Get ready to Explore Your Lexuality™ for the official release of Secrets, Lies, and Dirty Games!

Behind the Scenes of Secrets, Lies, and Dirty Games

Secrets, Lies, and Dirty Games is an erotic short story that combines high stakes suspense with an outrageous amount of sexual tension as it follows A-list celebrity PR pro and fixer, Charlie, and her arch-nemesis, Braxton, as they vie for the attention of a hot new pop star client at a glamorous Casino Night event. Landing this scandalous client with a load of juicy secrets to hide would be a huge move for Charlie’s company. But will Braxton and all of his sexual glory and seductive tease be too much for Charlie to handle? Their heated banter intensifies, leaving them in a provocative power struggle filled with secrets, lies, and dirty games of their own. The real question is, who will score more and win over the new A-list client?

Get ready to lose yourself in this sexy, suspenseful erotica story!

Secrets, Lies, and Dirty Games Erotic Short Story Erotica Book Lexi Sylver

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This book is hot off the press and ready for you to get your hands on it! Grab your copy here! 

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Secrets, Lies, and Dirty Games is Out Now!

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