As a coach, it is my privilege to help others experience the pleasure, connection, intimacy, fulfillment, and love they desire… because we all deserve it.

I believe we should never feel ashamed for expressing our needs, pursuing our desires and dreams. Let’s shamelessly Explore our Lexuality!

I recently received a beautiful testimonial from a couple that I’ve been coaching, who so eloquently expressed what they’ve experienced and how their relationship evolved while getting coaching from me.

It’s so fulfilling to get coaching reviews like these from my clients, because it means that our private coaching sessions are helping them with their personal and relationship goals.

Relationship Coaching Testimonial

We cannot sing enough praises for our extraordinary relationship coach, Lexi. From the very first session, it was evident that she was unlike any other. Her communication skills were simply outstanding, and she never beat around the bush – Lexi gave us straightforward, no-nonsense answers that cut right to the heart of the matter.

One of the things that impressed us the most about Lexi was her promptness and reliability. She always made herself available, never leaving us waiting for guidance or support. It was clear that she truly cared about our progress and well-being, and her dedication to our journey was unwavering.

Lexi’s ability to provide us with relevant and impactful homework and exercises was another game-changer. Each task she assigned was tailored to our specific situation and helped us address our unique challenges head-on. These exercises weren’t just busywork; they were powerful tools that propelled us toward growth and understanding.

Furthermore, Lexi’s consistent presence and unwavering support made all the difference. Whether we needed a sounding board for our thoughts or a guiding hand during difficult times, she was there for us without hesitation. Knowing that we had such a compassionate and insightful coach in our corner gave us the confidence to face our relationship issues with courage and determination.

Under Lexi’s guidance, we were able to break down communication barriers and truly understand each other on a deeper level. Her effective strategies and techniques equipped us with the tools to navigate conflicts constructively and enhance our connection.

Lexi’s impact on our relationship and personal growth is immeasurable. Thanks to her guidance and coaching, we have grown both as individuals and as a couple. Our bond is stronger than ever, and we owe much of this progress to Lexi’s exceptional coaching abilities.

If you’re looking for a relationship coach who is not only an incredible communicator but also provides no-nonsense answers, assigns relevant exercises, and is always there for you when needed, Lexi is the one. We wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking to transform their relationship and foster a deeper, more meaningful connection. She is an absolute gem, and we are forever grateful for the positive impact she has had on our lives.

Thank you, Lexi!

– Raymond and Vera

You can imagine how big the smile on my face was when I read this! I care deeply about my Lexplorers and love watching you all grow and thrive!

Is Relationship Coaching For You?

Look, I understand that it can be a challenge to admit that you may need help. I know it can be scary to have a conversation with your partner about starting something new like relationship coaching.

If you’re considering that getting a coach will help you tune up your relationship or gain insights into your personal growth, ask yourself:

  • If we don’t get help to improve myself / ourselves / our relationship, will everything get fixed by themselves?
  • How much longer am I / are we willing to feel this way until you decide something has to change?
  • How much more time do you want to waste feeling frustrated, hopeless, stuck, etc.?
  • What else has to happen for me / us to be ready to take that next step?
  • If I / we can’t communicate with each other effectively, how will we ever be able to stop this cycle and be able to feel more comfortable about getting our needs met?

Acknowledging the fact that things could be better in your life if you take action and seek out resources to help improve them, can contribute to making your relationship stronger, deeper, and more fulfilling!

If any of these statements resonate with you, you may be ready for relationship coaching:

    • You feel frustrated, jealous, resentful, angry, sad, lonely, mistrustful, ignored, hopeless, powerless, and/or stuck in your relationship.
    • You miss feeling desired by your partner, and the intimacy and spark from the “new relationship energy” you used to have.
    • You and/or your partner have trouble expressing or responding to the other’s feelings, needs, desires, or boundaries.
    • You’re fed up with having the same arguments over and over again, without any real resolution or improvements.
    • No matter how much you try to communicate to your partner, you don’t feel truly heard.
    • You and/or your partner feel like the trust has been broken in the relationship (because of lying, cheating, etc.) and you’re not sure how (or if) it can be repaired.
    • You and/or your partner feel like you’re the only one putting in the effort or taking initiative to improve your relationship.
    • There never seems to be the “right time” to connect with each other or approach important or serious conversations.
    • You fantasize about having sex with other people or enjoying kinky play, threesomes, and/or group sex, but you don’t know how to tell your partner without hurting their feelings or feeling judged.

If you’re nodding your head at any point while reading this think, “YES!”, then I invite you to explore Lexual coaching so that you can transform your relationship, just like Raymond and Vera!

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I can’t wait to learn more and work with you!

Stay Lexual, Lexplorers!