Have you ever been in a tricky swinging situation where you’re left not knowing what to do? Maybe a boundary has been crossed, there is jealousy present, or it is just straight up NOT going how you expected. If you’ve ever wondered WTF to do when swinging goes wrong, I’ve got just the event for you!

Join me for my LIVE Swinging 101 Event: WTF To Do When Swinging Goes Wrong on November 8th at 8PM ET.

WTF to do when swinging goes wrong event

WTF To Do When Swinging Goes Wrong Event

The truth is, if you’ve been in the open lifestyler for any amount of time, you’ve likely been through a tough scenario or had an experience that didn’t go quite as you thought or hoped it would. And guess what? That’s okay! There’s NOTHING wrong with you.

A swinging fuck up doesn’t mean your relationship is ending or you have to leave the open lifestyle forever.

Instead, it’s all about learning how to cope in the moment and deal with the aftermath of the situation so you can move forward with confidence and understanding with your partner.

During the WTF To Do When Swinging Goes Wrong Event, we’ll explore:

  • The most common swinger mishaps.
  • How to deal with jealousy and other feelings that arise.
  • How to handle a scenario that goes awry in the moment.
  • What to do if your boundaries have been broken or pushed too far for comfort.
  • What to do in the aftermath of a bad experience.

At the end of this event, we’ll have a LIVE Q&A session so you can ask me anything you’d like and get your juicy swinging questions answered!

Your ticket also comes with a video replay so you can come back to the swinging event later if you can’t attend live or need a quick refresher.

If you’re curious about open relationships, you’ve begun exploring ethical non-monogamy on your own or with your partner, and you want to learn more and equip yourself with more tools and knowledge, this is the event for you!

I’m here to help make every open lifestyle adventure the most exciting and pleasurable it can be for everyone involved, so if you’re craving more, check out my upcoming LIVE Swinging 101 Events!

WTF to do when swinging goes wrong event