More sex position inspiration to get you and your partner to feel feisty tonight…

What It Is: A variation of 69 for ladies & gents with a little more authority from the  man on top.

How to do it:
She lies down on her back on the bed, with her head hanging down off the side.  You stand at the edge of the bed and connect your prime rib with her mouth, while leaning over her body to yodel in her canyon.  Make sure you secure at least one of her thighs with your arm to prevent her from sliding too far off the edge of the bed.  She should be gripping onto your thighs for support.  Clearly, height differences play a factor, so adjust as needed, such as putting a pillow under her bum, or sliding a little more over her to get more height.

Why it’s hot:
Sixty-nine is fun but repetitive if it’s always girl-on-top.  In this position, you can even thrust yourself into her mouth– obviously with warning first, or you’ll awake her gag reflex.  If she can’t take it in too deep, then move slowly and in shallow thrusts while she uses her tongue around your member.  Work her with your free hand and lips, raising her hips up to meet your mouth when things gets really intense.  Don’t neglect her breasts either, as they’ll be properly exposed for your fondling.

How to kink it up:
This 69 enables more creativity, because certain areas are accessible that may not be when one person is lying down completely on the bed.  She can reach your perineum (that sweet spot right between your balls and your anus), push it lightly and/or rubbing it in circles, or just tugging on your package.  If she’s able, this can also be a great position for deep-throating while you do all the necessary hip work so she can focus on keeping her throat open and gag reflex tamed.  PLUS you can find many ways to stimulate her while she’s lying down, spread open for you.  Use both your fingers and your mouth to pleasure her, but you can also bring in some fun toys of hers, since you’ll have a great angle to use them to stimulate her G-spot while working her clit.  IF you opt to make this a bondage situation where she is submissive, don’t forget to support her even more to avoid her falling off the bed, since her hands will be tied above her head.

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