Welcome back to my playground, Lexual fiends and friends.

Are you ready to get spicy and creative with Casey Carter and I?!

You KNOW you want to!

Whether you’re single, attached, semi-attached (for all of you monogamish folks out there), or multi-attached (any polyamorous folks around?!), you’re going to want to get some hot tips on keeping the creativity alive in your sex life!


So, how can you make your sex life more fun and creative?

Do you want some tips and tricks to adding kink into your relationship, and talking to your partner about trying new things to add some sizzle to your repertoire?

If you’re seeking inspiration and creative strategies to try with your partner (or partners!), you’re going to really enjoy tonight’s podcast with Casey Carter, published erotic author, on-air personality, fetish lifestyle expert and brand ambassador for The Thruster by Velvet Co.

Casey is going to to share how you can best communicate your hottest fantasies and most creative kinks to your partner and inspire them (and yourself!) to try new things and deepen the intimacy between you.

We’re going to share some simple and crazily affordable tips and tricks you can start right now to spice up your relationship and your sex life, from foreplay to the bedroom to beyond.

Casey Carter on Lexi Sylver's Podcast | Seek Discover Create by SDC | The Sexy Lifestyle Network on Voice America

We’ll be covering everything from sexting, reading and writing erotica, using pervertibles (my new favorite word!), role playing and dressing up, and more exciting techniques you can add extra spice to your relationship and connect with your partner in new ways.

That’s how you keep things hot and interesting, and leave your partner always panting and wanting more, more, more!

Tune in tonight to discover how to get started right MEOW.

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Photo of Casey courtesy of Casey Carter