Welcome back to my playground, fiends and friends.

Tonight’s podcast episode is devoted to some surprisingly popular kinks: hotwives and cuckolds.

I’m joined by Brenna and Brian from Front Porch Swingers for this extremely intriguing discussion about hotwifing and cuckolding.

Here are some of the questions we’ll be addressing together:

Want to know the difference between cuckolding and hotwifing?

Want to learn more about whether or not jealousy plays a role in a hotwife or cuckold scenario?

How do these scenarios play out in real life?

Cuckolding Hotwife Brenna and Brian Front Porch Swingers Lexi Sylver SDC Podcast

We’re going to get down and dirty with the intimate details of their unique relationship and explore how opening up your relationship to new erotic possibilities can improve your relationship and your sex life.

We also explore some of the dynamics of BDSM that contribute to Brenna and Brian’s unique relationship dynamic, the importance of female empowerment in their relationship and in the lifestyle, and the importance of honest and open communication in a relationship.

Check out their bio to get a feel for why that’s the case with them:

From meeting on Craigslist Casual Encounters (RIP) to participating in a BDSM dynamic to swinging, we are far from what most people would consider “The Norm.” That being said, you would be hard-pressed to find people in a more healthy, communicative relationship than us. We talk about everything, work through any and all concerns about our play, and are committed to one another on a level that some can’t imagine.

That has not been the case in our previous relationships. Between the two of us, we have 5 failed marriages under our belts. We repeatedly found ourselves in unfulfilling relationships, unable to be our true selves for fear of judgement and/or rejection from our partners. We strongly feel that the less than positive experiences in our pasts have prepared us well for happy and enriched lives together. We know what it takes to develop complete trust and honesty in a relationship, and are passionate about helping others attain it.

Our podcast, blog, and future coaching provide us an opportunity to share our failures and successes with other like-minded folks. Our goal is to create content based not only on our personal experiences, but also on the vast amount of research we’ve done on BDSM, swinging, polyamory, and so much more. We’re passionate about providing insights on how to live your most fulfilled and adventurous life possible!

So listen here tonight at 8 PM EST / 5 PM PST for your dose of kinky sex talk with me and Front Porch Swingers on The Sexy Lifestyle Network, powered by Voice America.

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