I’m on The Cover of ASN Lifestyle Magazine’s August 2019 Issue!

August 1, 2019
Lexi Sylver ASN Lifestyle Magazine Shameless Interview Sexy Photos August 2019

What a Lexual day to be back in my playground, you sexy perverts, you!

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that ASN Lifestyle Magazine has featured me as the cover girl this August 2019!

What an incredible honor it is to have been selected for this opportunity. I was not expecting to have such a high-profile publication under my belt so soon in my journey as a sexual educator and podcast persona, yet here we are!

That’s right – my ass is on the cover of ASN!!! My first-ever magazine feature… and WHAT a feature!

Lexi Sylver ASN Lifestyle Magazine August 2019 Shameless Interview and Sexy Photos

Along with the incredible exposure (puns intended), ASN also interviewed me at length in this issue about my relationship within the lifestyle, the work I’m doing with SDC as a podcast producer and host of SDC Presents Seek, Discover, Create with Lexi Sylver, as the Media Content Director of SDC.com, and as a sexual educator who is also an ambassador for the consensually non-monogamous community.

I also reveal some dirty details about why I love writing erotic short stories, how I get inspired and find my ideas, and I reveal some news aboutmy upcoming collection of erotic short stories, Mating Season!

Inside, you’ll also find a variety of other sexy photos I took with two of my talented Montreal-based photographer friends, Fabrice de Bray and Jennifer Pontarelli.

Here’s a little sneak peek of some of the juicy tidbits you can expect inside this incredible issue of ASN Lifestyle Magazine

Lexi Sylver ASN Lifestyle Magazine August 2019 Shameless Interview and Sexy Photos

When I read over my answers to these interview questions, I realized just how deep and personal I went with ASN in this August issue. I didn’t expect to be that overtly straightforward about my sexual history, including delving into my experiences with slut-shaming in high school.

I especially wasn’t expecting to go into such detail about my longtime relationship with my nesting partner of fifteen years and how we choose to navigate the consensually non-monogamous style. But ASN coaxed the story out of me, so I couldn’t resist sharing the ins and outs of our incredible journey within the lifestyle, as well as the lessons we’ve learned about honesty and communication along the way.

If you’ve ever wanted to get to know the real me, this is a phenomenal way to get started.

Read the entire interview and see my photo spread in ASN’s August 2019 edition here.

Let me know what you think of my interview!

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I’m a shameless sexcapader, author of erotic tales, sexual educator of taboo topics and alternative relationships, pleasure toy sexpert, and advocate for sexual freedom. My mission is to empower you to shamelessly explore your Lexuality, stripping away your inhibitions and fears, so that you can freely pursue the fulfilling sex life and relationships you desire — and deserve. As your Lexual guide, I’ll help you map out your own erotic journey by giving you the tools you need to better connect with your own mind and body, communicate your desires and needs with your partners, and thrive in your customized, authentic lifestyle. I’m known for my passionate style and inclusive approach, drawing from my own real-life experiences to educate, entertain, and inspire you, all while helping you discover the realm of infinite erotic possibilities that await you once you open your mind to them. Whether you’re indulging in my erotic short stories, getting sex and relationship coaching from me, joining my webinars and events, reading my articles and blogs, perusing the sex toys in my shop, or listening to my podcasts, I strive to stimulate you to think about your sexuality in a new light — freely and fearlessly. Dare to delve deeper and explore YOUR Lexuality.


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