We’re all conscious of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that’s swept the world.

This is an intense time. As cities and countries go into lockdown to attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19, social distancing has become paramount. Staying home and avoiding social contact is frustrating and yeah, boring. The important thing is to be patient. Don’t panic. We can do this.

Naturally, self-isolation can put a cramp in your sex life, especially for those of us who are dating and/or in open relationships. Many sex clubs are closed as people are restricting close contact and the exchange of bodily fluids (I’ll talk about basic safe sex practices in a separate article!).

So, what are we horny folks to do in times like these?

Find our pleasures anywhere we can get them, of course!

Here are some tips from your slutty lifestyle guide (me!) to keep things hot.

Manage Your Stress

Anxiety can diminish your libido, so regulating your stress level is key and the first step to helping you feel sexy. Take breaks from social media and the news. Meditate. Dance around the house. Exercise. Listen to music that makes you feel good. Distract yourself for a bit with a good book, a TV series or movie, or a fun board or card game. Stay connected to loved ones by phone, Skype, FaceTime and other technologies. Do anything that helps you feel less isolated and more relaxed.

Take Space

Cabin fever might make you feel frustrated, especially for those of us living with our partner(s) and/or other people. And that definitely doesn’t make us feel sexy! Make sure you have some alone time and you can create a mental and/or physical space in which you can decompress. By clearing your mind, you’ll give yourself room to embrace your Lexual self.

Remind Yourself How Sexy You Are

Take a break from the media and do something that makes you feel like your foxy self. Read an erotic story, watch some porn, take a luxurious bath, and wear something that makes you feel naughty and confident. Try anything that can slip you into a more erotic mood.


What better time to break out your sex toys! Maybe you have a toy you haven’t played with in awhile, or a new addition to your pleasure collection that you haven’t experimented with yet.

If you’re solo, rediscover your body all over again. Try masturbating in new positions you’ve never tried or that you don’t often use. Caress yourself with a different kind of touch. Focus on stimulating each and every one of your erogenous zones.

If you’re staying home with your partner, infuse novelty into your repertoire and try a new sex position together. You can also create a fantasy jar together, with each of you writing down something sexy that you want to do on strips of paper – then draw one and try it out. Add a sex toy or three to the mix for even more erotic possibilities…

Have Dirty Phone Sex

Phone sex is a hot way to try out some role playing. You and your partner(s) can create different personas and explore new fantasies together. Be descriptive about the setting, what you’re wearing, the things you want to do to them, and what you want them to do to you. You can devise your fantasy together over the phone now and enact it at a later time when you’re physically together again.

Sext Each Other

Stay connected with your lovers with some filthy messages. Spontaneously send your lover some sexts to remind them that you’re thinking about them. Try something like “what would you do to me if I was standing naked in front of you right now?” or “I was just remembering how good your tongue feels on my clit” and other dirty prompts. For inspiration, check out some of my hot sexting tips!

Connect With Others Online

Dating sites like SDC.com give you a bunch of ways you can connect with other like-minded people, like group messenger, sharing videos and photos, and more. You can contribute to SDC’s community blogs, learn more about people in your area, and meet new open-minded individuals and couples who you can connect with in-person at a later date.

Reinvent Date Night

Going out to a restaurant, club, movie or anywhere else isn’t really an option right now – so it’s time to get extra creative.

If you’re living with your partner(s), put away your phones and turn off all media and focus only on each other. Get dressed up as though you’re about to go somewhere fancy. Cook a new recipe together, preferably with aphrodisiacal ingredients. Play a sexy game together like Strip Poker or Naked Twister. Or have an erotic theme night, like an Eyes Wide Shut night where you both wear masks and put on your sexiest gear.

If you aren’t living with your partner(s), decide in advance about a fun or sexy theme for your video date, then surprise each other with whatever you’re wearing (or not wearing, preferably!). Increase your intimacy by asking each other sexy and deep questions you might ask a new partner, like “What was your first kiss like?” and “When was the earliest you remember wanting to have sex?”. All that reminiscing will prime you for some hot cyber sex.

What are your favorite ways to keep it sexy? Share in the comments below!

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