Welcome back to my playground, my Lexual fiends and friends.

We are all spending almost all of our time at home during this coronavirus pandemic. We may be by ourselves, with our partners, or stuck with our family 24/7 – all of which may not feel so sexy to us.

It can be so easy to get used to the comfortable feel of our sweatpants and big cozy sweaters, forgetting about the erotic parts of ourselves that we were embracing only weeks ago.

Even within the chaos, how can we leave room for eroticism and make ourselves – and our partners – feel sexy?

How can we remember to enjoy ourselves and our partners, even if some of those partners aren’t living with us during this pandemic?

Dr. Laurie Betito had me back on her show, Passion, on CJAD 800 Montreal, along with Catherine and Pierre, on her Kink Panel.

We discussed how we can keep it sexy and erotic during our prolonged time at home. There are so many things to try, including long-distance and remote-controlled sex toys, sexy phone calls, sexting, writing erotic stories, and more!

Listen here for all the dirty details to help you stay erotic during these challenging times:

How are you staying sexy at home? How are you connecting with yourself and your partner(s)? Comment here below!