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What is seduction really all about? How can you discover the best ways to seduce your partner?

Jumping straight into sex isn’t something that’s satisfying for most people. We usually have events that lead up to it and build anticipation for foreplay and sex itself: an action or sexy words from your partner and feeling sexy and seduced. Getting someone’s brain turned on is the first step – and then the body follows suit!

Learning how to seduce and intrigue your partner may be just as important as sex, if not more. Does your partner touch you in a certain way that makes you melt? Do they speak in a certain tone that turns you on, and says the words you’re dying to hear? Do you crave having a certain scenario play out in order to be seduced? The likelihood of you being interested in sex would likely be low if there wasn’t a seductive premise beforehand! Usually there’s a minimum of seduction that leads up to any sex act we might engage in.

Seduction and the things that people can do to seduce us is very much like a thumbprint. We all have our unique desires and feelings, and to some degree, know how we like things done and what turn us on the most. Learning skills to communicate and find what seduces your partner, as well as what seduces you, can be revolutionary and make you a more satisfied and confident lover (as a giver and as a receiver).

With these seduction skills locked and loaded, how can you make even the most ordinary of experiences extra tantalizing for your partner? Can you tease them from afar via a spicy text message, a seductive phone call, or even line out a fantasy for you two to explore together?

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Seduction in itself, is an art. You are a paintbrush and your partner is the canvas, and together you can make something magical (and hopefully orgasmic). I invited Marla Renee Stewart, MA and Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, PhD, to talk about seduction and their new book, The Ultimate Guide to Seduction and Foreplay.

They discuss what seduction is really all about, and how seduction skills are key to becoming a great lover.

Marla shares a few tips on discovering what kind of seduction styles will work best on your partner(s), and how learning these skills can make you a more confident lover. Dr. Jess talks about how the core erotic feelings behind someone’s desires can help us understand what your partner wants sexually and how they want to be seduced.

They also explore how to communicate your fantasies to your partner, and how technology can help you seduce your partners and explore your fantasies.

Read the Ultimate Guide to Seduction by Dr. Jess and Marla via Amazon and Amazon Kindle!

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