Welcome back to my playground, my Lexual fiends and friends!

Going into 2021, things are heating up (even when it’s cold outside, it’s cuffing season, so let’s make the most of it!).

While you may have been lockin’ it down at home with a partner, how are you keeping things fresh?

I recommend mixing it up, starting with your sex positions. I had the honor of being featured on ASN LifeStyle Mag’s November edition, bringing you 7 Hot Tips to Creating Your Signature Sex Move.

This article will help you create moves and techniques that make you incredibly MEMORABLE – nay, unforgettable – in bed (or wherever you play)!

You’re a Lexual legend in the making… you just need a little guidance!

In this issue of ASN Lifestyle Magazine, I also got the special opportunity to interview my colleague (from when I worked in the porn industry), and one of my inspirations, Holly Randall. In my piece, Holly “In Front of the Lens”, we explore how she got started in the industry following her parents legacy. We cover the evolution of the industry, and how so many performers can now take their brand and work into their own hands. And we highlight the growing conversations and importance around ethical porn and bringing women to the forefront!

Thanks for the amazing interview, Holly!

Check out the November issue of ASN Lifestyle Magazine to catch up on all things Lexual!

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