Welcome back to my playground, my Lexual friends.

When I used to think of Valentine’s Day (when I was a teenager), I saw V-Day as an overly cheesy, romantic day that didn’t really resonate with me. But as I grew up, I realized two crucial things:

  • I’m not bound by the stereotypes of what a V-Day celebration should look like according to other people; I can do whatever the FUCK I want with my partner (as long as they’re into it too, of course!), on Valentine’s Day and any other day of the year.
  • My partner and I strive to create opportunities to celebrate each other (and, of course, each other’s bodies) on a more regular basis… and Valentine’s Day may just happen to be one of those opportune days!

No matter what day it is, you can spoil your lover with the gift of pleasure.

Pleasure, which, experienced as a duo, comes with extra sexy new possibilities and Lexual adventures.

Here are some of my favorite couples toys for Valentine’s Day or any fucking day of the year.


I just love this Chorus couples vibrator by We-Vibe® and the plethora of vibrations and intensities to mix and match and enjoy together.

It’s the ultimate couples toy. I bust this bitch out all the time for sex and it’s one of my favorite ways to achieve simultaneous and blended (clitoral and G-spot) orgasms!


Lexi Sylver Sex Toys Olivia's Boudoir Massage Candle Gift

I have a few of these Olivia’s Boudoir massage candles chez moi, with different scents to match my mood.

Choose from the delectable aromas that will arouse your senses in various ways.

Try these luxurious (and body-safe) massage candles for some hot temperature play by taking turns dripping wax on each other.


Lexi Sylver Sex Toys Vibrating Diamond Bijoux Indiscrets

Make this vibrating diamond by Bijoux Indiscrets your (and your partner’s) new best friend.

Choose from any side, curve or more pointed pleasure on (but not in) any of either of your body parts.

A Lexual way to experience shared pleasure. Take your time to sexperiment together with new sensations with your luxurious new sex toy.


Lexi Sylver Gift Card Gift of Lexuality

Don’t know what the fuck to get your partner? I get that. It happens, especially if they seem to have everything they need.

Give your lover my Gift of Lexuality gift card to treat themselves to whatever they want in my shop.

Chances are, you’ll get treated with their newly acquired gadgets and gizmos, too.


Lexi Sylver Sex Toys Everything Bondage Kit BDSM Kink Sex Toy Kit Beginner

The Everything Bondage BDSM kit includes a FUCKton of must-have toys and accessories to build your BDSM kit (or, in my case, the kink closet).

This sexy BDSM kit is one of my shop’s Lexiest bestsellers. It’s perfect for any kinkster at any level of experience, especially beginners to kinky play. Each element in this BDSM kit is expert quality and durable enough for some rough play, if you so desire it.


Lexi Sylver Sex Toys We Vibe Moxie Wireless Couples Vibrator

We-Vibe®’s Moxie wearable vibrator is here to gratify the desires of voyeurs, exhibitionists and public play enthusiasts (so basically, to gratify MY desires).

To enjoy a sexy prequel to an even more intense evening later on, get your Moxie on. This wearable vibe will make any date night a sex-cess, no matter where you go. Discreet, easy to use, a zillion combos of vibes and intensities when you use the free We-Connect™ app.

You’ll get wet just thinking about having that powerful little device secretly pressed against your pussy while you’re out. I know I did.

Swingers tip: Have extra fun at a sexy party by passing around the remote to random people to play with you while you’re wearing Moxie.


Hot Octopuss won awards for their Pulse Solo Essential penis stimulator and masturbator, AKA “Guybrator.”

I use this in coupled play with my partner, adding it to enhance the fuck out of oral sex and penetrative sex by stimulating the base and shaft of his dick while I stimulate the head of his dick within whichever of my holes he’s in.

Soooo versatile, you’ll keep discovering new ways (and new excuses) to use it together.

What’s the best Valentine’s Day gift that you’ve given someone or received from someone? Share with us in the comments!

Until next time, Stay Lexual, my friends.