Enjoy a little sneak peek at this month’s sexiness to come.

With the summer heat beginning to wane, there are still lots of ways to add sizzle to your life, relationship(s), and sexual playtime (even if you’re solo).

Make this September:

Shameless – with my Lexual sex, relationship, and open lifestyle coaching

Swing-tastic – with a boost from my Swinging 101 webinars

Seductive – with saucy toys and fresh sex moves and Lexual advice to spice up your playtime!

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Shameless September

Strip away shame and fear with my sex, relationship and open lifestyle coaching for singles, couples, trios and quads. I coach folks who are monogamous as well as open, so don’t be shy!

Lexi Sylver Sex Relationship Coach

Seductive September

Seduce your partner(s) — and yourself! — with these sexy moves and Lexual goodies to keep the pleasure going and going and going (and coming!)…

Featured blog: How to Create Your Signature Sex Move

You may think you’re talented in bed, but how memorable are you REALLY?

Lexi Sylver How to Create Your Signature Sex Move Blog
Lexi Sylver Seductive September Promescent

Want to make sex last longer? Looking to pleasure your partner in new ways?

Promescent’s Delay Spray (and also their handy and portable Delay Wipes) extend your sexy playtime to maximize pleasure and provide more opportunities to enable your partner(s) to enjoy themselves, connect with you, and achieve orgasm (even though I always say orgasms are not the goal, but they’re a delicious cherry on top when they do happen)!

I also recommend a few other goodies (see below) that provide extra pleasure for me — and may have the same stimulating effect for your own partner(s), not to mention for you!

My picks this month include We-Vibe’s Chorus couples vibrator (it’s a remote controlled vibrator, by the way!), Le Wand’s vibrating massager (will soothe ALL your aches from head to toe) and Sex & Mischief’s Bed Bondage Restraint Kit (if you’re looking for a new sexual adventure but don’t want to leave the bedroom).

Looking for more ways to heat up make your hot summer vibes last throughout the fall and winter? Take a peek at all my Lexiest bestsellers to check out what my customers and I are pleased to recommend, whether for solo pleasure or partnered play.

Swing-tastic September: Webinars for Swinging and Open Relationships

Lexi Sylver Sex Relationship Coach Swinging 101

Check out more of the Swinging 101 webinars I’ll be hosting and producing this season!

Lexi Sylver Swinging 101 Swinger Webinars

May your September be a fucking sexy one.

Looking forward to connecting with you at my Swinging 101 webinars and on social media.

Stay Lexual, my friends and fiends.