It is my absolute pleasure and honor to announce that I’ve just graduated from an International Coaching Accreditation program!

About three months ago, I decided to delve deep into an intense educational experience that has left me with a fresh set of skills that has boosted my potential to help people even more.

As an accredited relationship, business, and life coach, it is my pleasure and privilege to help guide my clients to pursue healthier and more passionate relationships, uncover their authentic selves and achieve their goals, and take their businesses to a new level.  

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been coaching for over ten years (even longer if I consider all the pro bono coaching I’ve done!). I decided to complete my coaching accreditation so that I could continue my personal and professional development, and deliver even more long-lasting value to each and every one of my coaching clients.

I’m so thrilled to be celebrate this achievement with you!

Learn more about my coaching credentials here.

In the process of pursuing my international accreditation from The Coaching Masters (TCM), I achieved my personal and professional goal of discovering a plethora of techniques and methods to better help my clients pursue their passions, express their needs, and live a fulfilling, pleasurable life and experience authentic connections and relationships.

Looking back, I’m impressed at how I was able to manage a full calendar of coaching clients, the nearly 70 hours of accreditation coursework and assessments, and so everything else life and business has thrown at me. I’m proud of myself for investing in my personal and professional development to reap long-term rewards — not just for myself, but for all of my current and potential coaching clients.

Along with the in-depth education I received while completing my B.A. in Psychology from McGill University (double minoring in Communications and Marketing), I am passionate as ever about continuing to learn about and research topics that help provide me with an even deeper understanding of human behavior, relationships, leadership, and life.

Thank you to The Coaching Masters team and TCM’s awesome students for educating me and supporting me!

Want to know how my coaching can help you? Ask Raymond and Vera, who gave me a beautiful testimonial about how their lives and relationship were transformed by my relationship coaching.

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I can’t wait to learn more and work with you.

Stay Lexual, my Lexplorers,