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Sunday, 7th March, 2021

Gang Bang Organizer Arrested

If you’re engaging in activities…
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Happy International Day of the Female Orgasm

Great things come out of…
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Lexi Sylver Erotic Short Story

Room 632: An Ultra-Short Erotic Quickie

Welcome back to my playground,…
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Caught On Camera: Man With Hand Down Girlfriend’s Shorts at Lollapalooza

It’s good to know that…
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Man Gets Blowjob in Stands at Volleyball Game: Caught on Tape!

I’ve been told that I’m…
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Time for A Quickie? Read My (Short) Short Hump Day Teaser

Welcome back sexy readers! Today…
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Sexy Crime! Skinny-Dipper Distracts Man While Husband Robs House

If a sexy woman asks…
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Get Tantric! Tantra For Awakening Weekend Workshop June 28-30

Welcome back, fellow pleasure-seekers. It’s…
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Lexi’s Literati Lounge: On The Couch With Violet Veidt

Hey sexy readers, Welcome to…
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News From Lexi: Read my interview featured on Leanna Harrow’s blog

Hi sexy readers, Today, erotic…
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