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Sunday, 7th March, 2021
William Shakespeare Quote | Venus and Adonis Poem | Lexi Sylver | Wordy Wednesday

Erotic Quote From Shakespeare

Well hello there, sexy fiends &…
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How Good Are You At Sex | Buzzfeed | Lexi Sylver

How Good Are You At Sex?

I know you want to…
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Why You Should Fuck A Writer

Welcome back, readers & writers…
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Hunter S Thompson sex quote | Lexi Sylver | Erotic Quotes | WordyWednesday

Erotic Quote from Hunter S. Thompson

Welcome back, sexy fiends &…
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Henry Miller Quote Reincarnation | Lexi Sylver | Erotic Quotes

Erotic Quote by Henry Miller

Welcome back, sexy fiends. Here’s…
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All The Queen's Men by Lexi Sylver | Available on Amazon Kindle | Erotic Short Story

PUBLISHED! All The Queen’s Men now available on Amazon Kindle!

Hey sexy readers, My long-awaited story,…
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Wordy Wednesday | Walt Whitman | Leaves of Grass | Erotic Quotes | Lexi Sylver

Erotic Quote by Walt Whitman

Today’s celebration of #WordyWednesday comes from…
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Wordy Wednesday | Walt Whitman | Erotic Quotes | Lexi Sylver

Erotic Quote by George Moore

Today’s erotic quote is from…
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St. Patrick's Day | Sexy Pinup Woman in Green | Lexi Sylver

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Irish or not, St. Patrick’s…
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Steak & Blow Job Day | March 14 | Lexi Sylver

Happy Steak & Blow Job Day!

Steak & blow jobs… Just 2…
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